Why Ergate?

Because we are Architects!

We understand the culture of an Indian Architectural practice and seek to be a part of their journey to be known in the design industry. As we are design enthusiasts and communication fanatics, our role is simply to help designers tell their story.

What do we do?

It’s All About Your Portfolio!

We collaborate with you to develop communication and media strategies that are best-suited to your practice and are in-line with the long-term vision for your firm. We help you reach out to potential clients through the most integral part of your practice - Your Portfolio.

How does it help you?

You create Design,
and we handle the rest!

We blend our knowledge of the practice of design with established industry connections to successfully guide you in all areas of promotion. We help you define what differentiates you from the competition. When potential clients see you as the go-to source for what they need, they’ll be more likely to choose your company when it’s time to select an architectural firm.

What is our aim?

Bridging the gap between
your design and outreach!

We’re backed by a talented community of creatives consultants. From presentations to social media management, we provide a complete package of customized services. We have helped design practices to build identities, receive national and international media attention for their built projects, win awards and improve internal practices by being an integral part of their design teams.

The Ergate Way

Our Services

Standing out from the crowd matters, as does making your mark. We help our clients define their voice, shape their message, and creatively strengthen their brand.

How it works:

Featured Publications, monographs, and profile, project books and your website - influences and benefits the Indian Architectural community. Our team takes care of content creation via multiple media from the firm’s archival information to current projects – The Built and the Unbuilt.

This includes conceptualizing press releases, showcasing projects to Media and sharing packaged information with relevant selected media.

We Love to Win.

Across National and International Platforms

Award Submissions

Our team will not only research and locate award opportunities, but write and submit them on your behalf as well. We’re big on participating in opportunities that are both on target and, have the best probability of bringing home that trophy!

How it works:

Identification and creation of relevant award entries across International and national design associations.

We’re a Media Machine.

Protecting & Promoting

Media Relations

We specialize in getting our clients’ stories in front of the right audience at the right time. We know who to pitch and when to pitch them, which ensures our clients get the full range of appropriate media outlets to create business growth and build public profiles.

How it works:

We start with establishing communication strategies as well as all information about the design, architecture, real estate, or manufacturing company, its leadership, their goals and objectives.

From there, we identify target audiences, pull together a strategic and thoughtful media relations plan. Our goal is to promote professional excellence around your business objectives.

Shine the spotlight on
your Design Expertise

Prepare and Participate

Speaking Opportunities

We understand what it takes to stand up in front of a room full of your peers and potential clients sharing ideas on the future of design, architecture and product innovation. We find events, lectures, forums, and workshops that give designers the opportunity to increase the visibility of their work and expertise.

How it works:

Whether it be a college lecture to international formal events, we spend hours with architects, preparing their speeches, coordinating the event and to accompany clients to these events or to be the company representatives for them.

We are socially savvy.

Digital Advertising, Social Media, SMM

Digital Division

You can’t be known the old-fashioned way. We help our clients reach out to the communities that matter most to them, connecting them with their core audiences in a way that sets them apart.

How it works:

We're here to not only develop and execute content for organic social media management that is focused on generating the right traffic, but also to develop and test effective search engine management campaigns for our clients.

We also love to be part of your graphics team, guiding from proposals to presentation drawings stage.